Feurich Piano Mod. 115 – Premiere


The fine, balanced tone from the smallest in the FEURICH range is beloved by both beginners and professional pianists worldwide.



Piano Feurich Mod. 115 – Premiere

Technical Specifications

  • Timeless Bauhaus design, elegantly styled by architects
  • High quality wooden soundboard, set in a precisely bonded locking system: robust and durable construction with a rich and balanced tonal spectrum
  • Climate-resistant laminated pinblock in combination with a CNC- milled iron plate to provide long-lasting tuning stabilty
  • Unique action design, with an even weighted keyboard. First class felt, made by FEURICH in England. Keyboard and action made using solid Austrian timber to produce the perfect touch and enable fast repetition, even when playing pianissimo
  • FEURICH hammerheads made from quality felts using Australian wool – resulting in a wide tonal range, from bright and clear, to gentle and warm
  • Elegant pedal design using traditional wooden levers and u-shaped springs – enabling remarkably noise-free performance and requiring very little maintenance
  • Reliable and easy-to-operate celeste pedal enables night time practice. Optional Silencer System for playing in headphone mode

Additional information

Weight 212 kg
Dimensions 60 × 146 × 115 cm

Black Brass, Black Chrome, White Brass, White Chrome