Feurich Piano Mod. 133 – Concert


A great professional concert instrument designed for performance.



Piano Feurich Mod. 133 – Concert

Technical Specifications

        • A newly designed, built-in LED light above the music rest, a soft fall system on the lid and black key tops made from real wood
        • A large, high quality wooden soundboard, set in a precisely bonded locking system provides a full and rich bass, and a long and sus- tained tone, as found in small grand pianos
        • Duplex scaling, special AA quality Wurzen hammerhead felt and rust-free Paulello strings leads to a sound rich in overtones, ranging from strong and bright to gentle and warm
        • A climate-resistant laminated pinblock, together with a CNC-milled iron plate, provide long-lasting tuning stabilty. CNC-milled agraffes in the bass register, provide precise termination of string speaking lengths, allowing optimum vibration of every string
        • Unique action design, with an equally weighted keyboard, as found in grand piano models. First class felt, made by FEURICH in England. Keyboard and action made using solid Austrian timber to produce the perfect touch and enable fast repetition
        • Elegant Pedal design: noise-free and requiring very little mainte- nance
        • Reliable and easy-to-operate celeste pedal enables night time practice. Optional Silencer System for playing in headphone mode

Additional information

Weight 270 kg
Dimensions 65 × 156 × 133.5 cm

Black Brass, Black Chrome