Feurich Piano Mod. 179 – Dynamic II


A popular choice in music Schools and conservatories around the world – equally loved by piano technicians and pianists alike.



Piano Feurich Mod. 179 – Dynamic II

Technical Specifications

    • The best new FEURICH action, special yellow FEURICH felt from Eng- land. Keyboard and action made using solid Austrian timber: fast and precise touch
    • Climate-resistant laminated pinblock in combination with a CNC- milled iron plate to provide excellent and long-lasting tuning stabilty
    • Rust-free string wire by Paulello: an innovation in improved clarity and quality of tone
    • Extended construction size: wonderful, long-lasting tone, with a full and pure bass sound
    • Traditional FEURICH design: the specially-designed music rest allows optimum transmission of sound
    • Innovative FEURICH Design: integrated, anti-glare LED lighting on the music rest
    • Large grand piano wheels as standard; a soft-fall system on the piano lid, as well as genuine wooden black key tops.
    • The optional fourth pedal, © pédale harmonique, opens up a unique new sound world. For night-time playing, the silencer system enables muting and playing in headphone mode

Additional information

Weight 350 kg
Dimensions 179 × 151.5 × 102 cm

Black Brass, Black Chrome, Bordeaux Polished, White Brass, White Chrome