Feurich Piano Mod. 218 – Concert I


The Model 218 Concert is perfectly suited to medium-sized concert halls and is treasured by professional pianists worldwide.


Piano Feurich Mod. 218 – Concert I

Technical Specifications

  • The choicest selection of tonewoods and felts results in the instrument‘s overall harmonic brilliance
  • The implementation of a new aysmmetrical, double-crowned sound- board has a multi-faceted effect on the sound, leading to a consistently rich tone in all registers, as well as greatly improved tuning stability
  • Duplex and Triplex Scaling and rust-free Paulello strings provides a descant range rich in overtones
  • Optimised action, based on cutting edge research into key weighting and built with dilligent precision. The result is a reliable and con- trolled attack, from the most delicate pianissimo up to the most expressive forte
  • Traditional FEURICH design: the specially-designed music rest allows optimum transmission of sound
  • Innovative FEURICH Design: LED lighting on the music rest
  • Luxury features include: Extra large grand piano wheels as standard; asoft-fall system on the piano lid, as well as genuine wooden black key tops
  • The optional fourth pedal, © pédale harmonique, opens up a unique new sound world. For night-time playing, the silencer system enables muting and playing in headphone mode

Additional information

Weight 390 kg
Dimensions 218 × 154 × 102 cm